Multi Functional Thermoplastic Line Marking Machine

Multi Functional Thermoplastic Line Marking Machine

(Çok Fonksiyonel Termoplastik Çizgi İşaretleme Makinesi)

Multi Functional Thermoplastic Line Marking Machine for Screed, Spray, Raised-rib and Multi-Dot-Marking Machine

This is first medium size Multi Functional Line marking Machine accommodate FOUR type of major Thermoplatic Line Marking System by simple marking unit changes.

Specification ;

Engine : 24Hp air-cooled electric startup 4-stroke, double cylinder diesel engine, 3000-3600r/min
Compressor : 1.0 m3/min piston type air compressor
Driving : Variable speed transmission system with automatic brake device which can be freely operated in forward, back off or stop
Speed : 0~15 km/h
Heating : LP Gas direct heating, Auto-Ignition Control System(Oil Jacketed Optional)
Control : Computer control system (both flat line and Raised Rib line marking)
Materal Tank : 320kgs non-pressurized tank(Pressurized tank for Spray system Optional)
Marking System : Screed Shoes on both side with glass beads spray gun (Stadard) Raised-rib, MDL, Spray system attachement Optional
Dimension : L3100 x W1250 x H1650mm
Weight : Approx. 1,200kgs

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